Name: TK Belts
Manufacturer: Thermo King
Premium materials mean superior temperature and chemical resistance, resulting in longer belt life. Genuine Thermo King Belts are specifically designed for our application and we demand the highest quality in our materials, resulting in superior belt life. Before you accept an imitation belt, you should ask yourself if it has been specifically designed for your unit and if the risk is worth taking.


Part Features

Top Fabric: Increases flexibility, provides wear resistance on backside idlers, and joins the belt together

Envelope: Provides a long wearing driving surface and the proper coefficient of friction

Insulation: This component surrounds the tensile cords to ensure the best possible bond

Tensile Cord: The material that carries the load of the belt. Constructed of the strongest material to reduce the possibility of shrinkage or stretch

Cushion/Fiber Loading: Provides the necessary support for the cords, preventing distortion and collapsing of the belt. It provides unidirectional support which helps resists abrasion, reduces noise and controls the coefficient of friction

Cogged: Cogs provide increased flexibility for specific types of belts and applications